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Stand-up Sustainability

Our game-changing environmental practices

When we say revolutionary—this is what we mean; tearing down long-held conventions and building our own approach to sustainability—one that aligns with our own ethics, morals and principles, rather than preconceived notions and certifications.

Our three-pillared approach to sustainability allows us to look at each farm individually and compare its values against our own. Does it fit with our stance on social, environmental and economic sustainability? If not is there some way we can help?

We’ve found that our three pillars are deeply intertwined, and therefore things are not always black and white.

For example: most of the coffee we buy is certified organic—and this is how we prefer it—but, if the social impact of adhering to this certification puts a farm in jeopardy, we consider the farmer’s livelihood to be the priority. It is our economic commitment to ensure that all partners—from seed to cup—are as financially viable as possible, while balancing their environmental and social impacts.

When purchasing beans, we prefer to deal directly with the farms whenever possible. This avoids profits going to certification boards and instead puts food in the mouths of the farmers and their workers. When we can’t purchase directly, we ensure that most of our beans are purchased fair trade.

“We strongly support single origin coffees as this allows us to showcase farmers who show exceptional skill in respecting our three pillar approach while producing outstanding coffees…”

We are commited

Some of our proudest moments stem from our commitment to making the lives of our workers and suppliers better.

Our commitment is something we’ve shown in our ethical business practices, as well as our environmental triumphs. This is all part of our sustainability revolution—brewing change in the world of coffee one bean at a time.

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